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Ep.105 - 2021 PlayStation Showcase report card

September 14, 2021 Spectator Mode Podcast Episode 105
Spectator Mode Podcast
Ep.105 - 2021 PlayStation Showcase report card
Show Notes

 Your favorite gaming podcast is back. We are your favorite, right? Last week, PlayStation revealed all its cards and showed the world why everyone wants to play its games. The 40+ minutes event was a non-stop barrage of anticipated games, as well as a few games that we didn't even about, such as Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine. Of course, you know we had to break down the coverage, game by game, and rate the show. So sit back, this is a longer than normal podcast, and get geeky with your favorite band of geeks. 

Keith D. Mitchell
Karl Smart
William Kok
Kyle Simcox


00:00 Jingle
00:16:00  Advertisement
00:00:52 Intro / 2021 PlayStation Showcase game impressions
01:03:00 Favorite game shown or revealed  
01:04:50 We're all winners
01:13:00 Karl is an old man
01:13:15 Is PlayStation ready to kill off the PS4
01:20:56 Parting words / Outro

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