World AIDS Day- with Team Avita (Andy & Champion) December 1, 2022

December 01, 2022 Steve & Eddie Season 4 Episode 6
World AIDS Day- with Team Avita (Andy & Champion) December 1, 2022
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World AIDS Day is an annual day of celebration, honored every December 1st.
The CHEcast in cooperation with AVITA Pharmacy would like to thank all those working together in the fight to combat AIDS, especially stigma.
Please join us on this World AIDS Day in Remembrance, and to honor and celebrate people as well as events, related to the struggle against the AIDs epidemic; with our special guest Team Avita's: Andy and Champion.
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Team Avita:
Andy Doan
Champion Cooper

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What is World AIDS Day and What does it mean to each of you?
Movie or TV show, that highlighted the importance of HIV/AIDS?
We're Back
How does stigma complicate HIV/AIDS care?
Can you highlight some significant benchmarks in the battle against AIDS?
What one President had the Greatest Impact?
Role of Pharmacist in ending HIV Epidemic?
AVITA is contributing to the fight against AIDS
For People who are not diagnosed
We're Back; Final Thoughts