CHEcast 42: Back to School w/ Dr. Little

August 25, 2021 Steve & Gabi
CHEcast 42: Back to School w/ Dr. Little
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What time is it?? It's back to school time!!!

In this episode of the CHEcast, we speak to Dr. Patrice Little about all things sexual health, especially within the college demographic! According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 50 percent of the 20 million new STIs diagnosed each year are among young people between the ages of 15–24 years, coining it the name of the “Silent Epidemic”. A large percentage of these cases occur among college students, who often underestimate the risks of having unprotected sex. Have any questions about your risks, safe sex practices, or how to get tested? Tune in to this week's episode! We also touch on Dr. Little's work to address disparities in healthcare and the founding of NP Student Magazine!

Featuring: Dr. Patrice Little

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