CHEcast: Last Episode of Season 2

September 01, 2021 Steve & Gabi
CHEcast: Last Episode of Season 2
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We’ve finally reached the end of Season 2! Thank you everyone for listening! Listen to our final episode with Marcus as we discuss what’s next for the CHEcast and the Center for Health Empowerment, as well as what our plans are for Season 3. We also discuss the latest news within the lives of our cast (Spoiler: Gabi accidentally started a movement against the Archdiocese of San Antonio over the past week... Oops!) 👀

Featuring: The CHE cast

*DISCLAIMER: Views are our own and do not reflect those of the Center for Health Empowerment*

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COVID-19 Pandemic
Accidental Movement
Gabi on the news!!
Center for Health Empowerment
CHE Relief
Avita Pharmacy
Purple Noodle Marketing

What's going on with you... GAYBI?
We're Back
this is our last show for the season
Final Thoughts
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