17 Minutes

17M Ep43: Diplomacy_Revolution_Decentralization

May 14, 2021 La Fool & A Season 2 Episode 43
17 Minutes
17M Ep43: Diplomacy_Revolution_Decentralization
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La Fool and A play a game of mind twister. The spinning arrow lands on decentralization, moving forward, building back better, diplomacy, revolution, perfect worlds, and a united world. 

Annoucer-Legendary Voice: Alvin Chea
there is what was
Trump was the Most 'ANTI' President we've had
Biden came in on the platform of...
"let's build back" build back?
Andrew Yang >>> Forward
the Problem ... 'Centralized Control'
"A Political System"... "Head/Tail Coin"
What we need ..."Decentralized leaders"
What do you think about ..."Term Limits"
"Decentralizing a Government"... How... "Revolution?"
"Yes, so I go back to Revolution"
"Voting" "online" "On the block chain"
"why WARS happen"
"Progressive Voices"
"Getting a leader" "that everyone listens to"
"It begins at home". "IMAGINE" "a kid that can unite his whole family"
"For Example: Bitcoin is 'decentralized' "
"Matrix" "No one makes their first jump"
"Everything in Nature is 'Decentralized' "