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Siobhan Haughey: Positively Focused, Episode #98

January 12, 2021 Kelly Palace and Maria Parker Season 1 Episode 98
Champion's Mojo
Siobhan Haughey: Positively Focused, Episode #98
Show Notes

What can you learn from your challenges? World-record holding swimmer Siobhan Haughey joins the show to talk to Kelly and Maria about how she combines discipline and positivity to improve resiliency and outcomes.


Siobhan Haughey is a world record holding swimmer, fresh off an amazing season in the International Swim League as a member of the Energy Standard Team. As part of the Energy Standard’s 4x100 relay team Siobhan led off the relay in 50.9 seconds, a time which would have won the 100 free at the ISL finals. Siobhan was also the overall winner of the 200 free and finished as runner up in the 100 free and the 400 free.

Siobhan is a citizen of Hong Kong and has represented Hong Kong in the Olympic Games, but she swam in the NCAA while attending the University of Michigan, where she was a 14-time All-American and 15-time Big 10 Champion. She still holds University of Michigan school records in the 200 free and IM.

Episode Topics and Mentions

Hong Kong
International Swim League, ISL
Energy Standard team
University of Michigan
Hong Kong Sports Institute
Time management
Chronic pain



1.    Discipline is learned. You can improve your discipline with focus and consistency.
2.    Planning plus flexibility go together for the best results.


1.    Positivity can take you far. Look at things, even challenges, in the best light.
2.    Accept the things that really will never change and ask, how can I still live my best possible life?


Quote of the Week

“I think champions learn from their mistakes and move on quickly," -- Siobhan Haughey

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