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Corinne Hall | The Art of Cricket

March 08, 2022 Bhavi Devchand
The Inside Edge
Corinne Hall | The Art of Cricket
Show Notes


Welcome back to the Inside Edge Podcast with Bhavi Devchand, this is the show that turns the journeys of some of leading coaches, athletes and leaders into actionable lessons you can implement into your own lives. 

Our guest today is the incredible cricketer and artists Corinne Hall. Corinne has been a mainstay of the domestic competition in Australia for over 10 yrs, captaining Tasmania and the Hobart Hurricanes, before moving across to her hometown team the Sydney Thunder. What makes Corinne different to most is her incredible talent as an artist as displayed in her book Victress: which is an amazing read about women who have paved the way in Australian sport.

 The book is an ode to some of Australia’s most cherished female athletes who, not just through achievements in their chosen sport, but through their unwavering conviction and commitment to women’s sport, blazed a trail for their sisterhood.

From legends like Dawn Fraser and Cathy Freeman, to the new breed of powerful sportswomen like Ellyse Perry, Tayla Harris and Ash Barty, each athlete is honoured and celebrated, thanks to  Corinne's unique artistic talents.

 In this podcast, we dissect the cross-overs between performance, perfectionism, and perspective in both art and cricket. Corinne also speaks a lot about kindness and how it has been so integral to the resilience of herself and those around her.