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Dr. Fraser Carson | Sport Psychology and Hypnotherapy for performance

April 05, 2021 Bhavi Devchand
The Inside Edge
Dr. Fraser Carson | Sport Psychology and Hypnotherapy for performance
Show Notes

Welcome to episode 13 of the Inside Edge Podcast. This week's guest is Dr. Fraser Carson - a sport psychologist who received his PhD from the University of Hull and a Masters in Coaching Education from Ohio University. Over the years he has worked with a a range of elite individual athletes, coaches and sports organizations such as Melbourne Football Club and is also lecturing at various universities around the world. Dr Carson is also a former professional rugby league player and his current passion is triathloth where he has completed an incredible 9 Ironman events  in Australia. 

 I have worked with a few psychologiests over the years, but Fraser was different in that he offered hypnotherapy as a method of overcoming limiting beliefs and increasing confidence. It's been a fascinating journey working with him and I'm sure you'll enjoy hearing from an expert in the field of performance psychology. 

Topics covered:

  • How pressure affects our thought processes
  • Where our limiting beliefs come from and how to overcome them 
  • How to deal with perfectionism mindsets  
  • Creating cultures by focusing on individual needs
  • Effective goal setting - going away from setting outcome goals to setting performance and process goals
  • Tools to implement to help out mental game wihtout the need to sepnd lots of money on psychologists or training programs
  • How sports hypnotherapy has helped a range of athletes with their confidence and feelings of control
  • I was getting better and quicker results doing it this way than more traditional sports psychology
  • Optimal performance states and how to reach them