Turn to God with Carin

Domestic Violence Awareness

June 13, 2022 Carin Jayne Casey Season 1 Episode 93
Turn to God with Carin
Domestic Violence Awareness
Show Notes

Casey believes that because of the familiarity (pattern) of abuse from childhood, she allowed domestic violence into her life. She encourages “Domestic Violence Awareness.”

     Within the pages of My Dear Rosa Jean is a fictional parallel to her experiences and what she learned within a life-threatening domestic violence arena. Indeed, the Lord rescued her, for which she is always grateful. 

     She encourages an awareness, advocacy, and prevention of this pervasive problem in today’s world, including what it might take to stop the legacy of continued abuse within a family. 

     Her books, ‘My Dear Rosa Jean’ and ‘A New Song Rises Up!’ address this issue.

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