Turn to God with Carin

Toxic Relationships

June 20, 2022 Carin Jayne Casey Season 1 Episode 94
Turn to God with Carin
Toxic Relationships
Show Notes

Casey believes if not for the familiarity (pattern) of abuse from childhood, and then domestic violence, she would not have allowed herself to suffer from “Toxic Relationships.”

     Within the pages of A New Song Rises Up! is more detail of her experiences and what she learned within toxic relationships. A people-pleaser to her detriment, she didn’t realize the toxicity was abuse. 

     Indeed, the Lord rescued her, for which she is always grateful. She encourages an awareness, advocacy, and prevention of this pervasive (yet often not recognized) problem in today’s world. 

 Did you find encouragement in this story? I look forward to your feedback.
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