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Karen R Lacy Children's Books, Part 2

June 17, 2022 Carin Jayne Casey Season 3 Episode 35
Turn to God with Carin
Karen R Lacy Children's Books, Part 2
Show Notes

In this podcast episode “Karen R Lacy Children’s Books, part 2,” she introduces and displays three of the books in the series. 

Karen shares the backstory for each book, as well as matching animals. She announced there are bundles available when you contact her through her website, https://KarenRLacy.com

She has other animal options within these bundles, plus she has collaborated with an artist for matching ornaments and there’s handcrafted jewelry for some books. 

Are you a bird lover? Enjoy a variety of animals? If you and your children love adventure and imagination, you will love these stories!

Remember to go to the contact page to ask about bundle offerings! 
Titles in this podcast:
Betsy’s Adventure
Our Little Friends (hummingbirds)
Mama and Lil’ Cub
More books are being added to this series! 

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