The 32081

Special Edition: Nease Football and the SJMSAA Jamboree

May 18, 2022 Hardie Productions a.k.a. The Hardie Party Season 2 Episode 5
The 32081
Special Edition: Nease Football and the SJMSAA Jamboree
Show Notes

Panthers' Head Coach Collin Drafts joins The 32081 to discuss the upcoming Panther season, players in the community and summer football camps for all ages. SJMSA Football Commissioner Shannon Phifer jumps on the line to discuss the 2022 Football Jamboree and middle school football as well as what these players should do over the summer to get ready for the fall. The show will be available on all major streaming platforms by May 19th as some of them take a while to publish.

Panther football with Coach Collin Drafts
01:19 - How the coaching staff feels headed into the 2022 season.
02:49 - Coach Drafts' unique approach to incoming freshman.
06:06 - Watch your Panthers in person on Friday nights and on TV in the future.
07:50 - The Den's electricity.
09:12 - Players involvement in the community.
12:13 - Summer football camps for all ages.
Middle School Football with Commissioner Shannon Phifer
15:30 - Bringing the SJMSAA Jamboree back to St. Johns County.
17:34 - Middle School players playing at local high stadiums.
18:45 - The Jamboree date and time gives everyone a chance to support their team.
20:18 - How do coaches approach a jamboree game?
24:49 - After spring football what should players do over the summer?
28:18 - Ticket sales and schedule for the jamboree.

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