The Thyroid Fixer

Heal Hashimoto's Naturally

May 28, 2021 Episode 103
The Thyroid Fixer
Heal Hashimoto's Naturally
Show Notes

For all of you who are stuck and want more answers....For those of you who are not optimized yet and are trying to find a way to figure this all out....You may ask yourself, what are the ways to optimization or what are the natural ways?

Medication for Hashimoto's is a key component, but there are factors we can look into and then implement some natural changes that can improve your thyroid function. In this episode, I will delve into the ways you can help your thyroid fix itself, heal, and help with T4 to T3 conversion.

If you are looking for help in some of these natural ways of treating your Hashimoto's, reach out in the book a call link below to get the journey started.

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