The Thyroid Fixer

Hair Loss and Hypo with Julie Olson

November 05, 2021 Episode 147
The Thyroid Fixer
Hair Loss and Hypo with Julie Olson
Show Notes

Did you know that your gut plays a HUGE role in your Hashimoto’s and Hair Loss? Have you heard of “leaky hair”? It’s real and it’s hard to deal with as a woman! It’s embarrassing and shameful and as women we try to hide it with color and extensions. Let’s get to the root cause with specialist Julie Olson, CN, BCHN, CGP. Julie is known for restoring women’s hair and health by getting their bodies back into balance and resolving what’s wrong so they look and feel their very best.

She’s transformed over 1500 people’s health. It’s Julie’s personal experience with overcoming her own health struggles of hair loss, autoimmunity, chronic fatigue, anemia, H Pylori and other gut imbalances, coupled with her formal training in holistic nutrition and functional medicine, that empowers her to guide women all over the world get back to living their best life.

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