Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells

Day 23: The Craziest Story of My Entire Life (Part 1)

September 08, 2020 Andy Episode 23
Kill Your Inner Loser / Andy Wells
Day 23: The Craziest Story of My Entire Life (Part 1)
Show Notes

A story I've been hinting at for years - a girl who absolutely lost her mind and called the police + fire department + ambulance on me.

  • Hit on her in grocery store.
  • Asked what done on weekend. "I went on a date with this guy". How I said "Sounds like he was really boring".
  • Slightly weird first date. Wanted me to buy her a drink. Was so weird about it.
  • I wasn't that into her, was starting to call the date off.
  • How I texted my mate while she was in the toilet and we realised we'd both dated same girl.
  • Remember I'd literally insulted my mate during the approach and said he must have been a boring guy!
  • Talked to mate, he said I had to fuck her just for the story alone.
  • Ended up having sex.
  • Things were normal for a while.
  • At some point she sees my facebook page and sees my buddy. She's like "how the hell do you know him?"
  • Had an LSD trip. I ask EVERY girl if they've had any issues with mental illness or any adverse reactions.
  • Was with my parents, she texted me and called me like 30 times
  • Started saying weird shit like that I was God and she was willing to die for me
  • She acted fucking psycho
  • How she had borrowed my camera and I knew I needed to get it back
  • How she screamed "I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!" and feotal position
  • I stopped responding. Best thing with a crazy person is to NEVER respond
  • Knocked on my door for hours and hours and hours
  • Neighbours started saying shit
  • Police and fire department wanting to smash down the door
  • "I will only open the door if you take her away".
  • I got sent the bill for the callout
  • She was taken to a mental institution
  • She started stalking me again, knocking on door again. At this point I'm freaking out like mad.


The stick that was in her foot (it was twice as long as this before they broke it off):

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