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#7: Find the Best Opportunities in Crypto with Devchart

September 22, 2020 Koroush AK
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Andre (@devchart) shares his journey on Crypto twitter, his trading background and how he started his successful company Chart Alerts. A very unique & useful alert tool for crypto traders.

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How Scammers Operate in Crypto Twitter
What Chart Alerts is & How it Helps Traders
New Features Coming to Chart Alerts
How Devchart Decided to Start Chart Alerts
Devchart's Trading Journey
Gambling & Risk Management in Trading
The Current Opportunities in Crypto
The Consequences of not using Risk Management
The Unheard Story of Crypto Facebook
Out of The Box Opportunities in Crypto
What Will Facilitate the Creation of a 2017-Like Crypto Bull Market
Devchart's Message for New People in Crypto