Market Meditations

#11 Making $250k in One Day With CryptoNekoz

October 08, 2020 Koroush AK
Market Meditations
#11 Making $250k in One Day With CryptoNekoz
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Today’s episode features successful crypto trader @CryptoNekoz. You'll be amazed by Nekoz's ventures, surprising everyone with his Pokemon card business that is making a blast with $100k days, even selling cards to legends like Gary Vee & Logan Paul. This is an episode you don't want to miss!
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Nekoz's Early Job...Tennis!
Nekoz's Life Right Now
How Nekoz Combines Work & Friendship
Business With Friends
Trust and Business
Pokemon Card Business!
$100,000 Days Selling Pokemon Cards
Selling Pokemon Cards to Garry Vee & Logan Paul
Is it Possible for the Card Market To Crash?
Nekoz's Gaming Mouse Company
Nekoz's E-Sports Team
How the Field of Investing Is Changing As We Speak
What he did before he had money to invest with
How He Picks A Venture To Get Into
How to Read People
Nekoz's Trading Advice