Primary Care Anywhere

Ep. 10: Low Back Pain

November 05, 2021 University of Utah Internal Medicine Residents Season 1 Episode 10
Primary Care Anywhere
Ep. 10: Low Back Pain
Show Notes

Low back pain affects the lives of millions of Americans and is a frequently encountered problem by primary care physicians. Join us for this episode where we examine the risk factors for developing low back pain, history and exam features to help determine the etiology, indications for imaging, non-pharmacologic therapy, pharmacologic therapy, and procedures to help alleviate low back pain. Enjoy! 

-Risk Factors: Julia Gray
-History and Exam: Tim Curtis
-Imaging: Julie Williamson
-Non-pharmacologic therapy: Andrew Yanik
-Pharmacologic therapy/procedures: Anya Kalsbeek
-Real-world PCP Pearls: Karen Stenehjem