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E13: Pastor Rob
January 16, 2018 Live Vegan / Pastor Rob

84% of the human population identifies with a particular religion. And one third of those identify with Christianity. That's 2.2 billion Christians worldwide. It is the largest religion on the planet. In order for veganism to be considered mainstream, people have to see it as compatible with religion. Today’s guest, Pastor Robert Munro, has an answer for the 2.2 billion Christians worldwide. He has been the practicing Pastor of his Church since its inception, which was established in July 2016. The Humanitarian Church A Whole Foods Plant Based Vegan Church 2600 Erieville Road Erieville, NY 13061 This is the very first vegan church in existence! Pastor Rob has completed a certification in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University.
How to reach Pastor Rob:
Phone: 1-781-264-3053 2600
Also, the private vegan beach is located at 195 Phillips Road, Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts 02562 and is open all summer for camping and always free for vegans!

Excuse of the Day: The Bible says I can eat meat!
Activist Tip of the Day: Discuss veganism on popular Social Media pages (Credit: Vincent Loresca)

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