Stand Tall & Own It

Episode 78 - Build Your Dream Network with J. Kelly Hoey

March 21, 2022 Andrea Johnson
Stand Tall & Own It
Episode 78 - Build Your Dream Network with J. Kelly Hoey
Show Notes

Kelly Hoey is a networking expert, and author.  Kelly offers a modern approach to this essential career skill together with practical strategies on how to connect for success in the social media age.  Kelly is a speaker on the topic of networking and career advancement, including networking into leadership roles, the networks both executive and entrepreneurial-minded women need, and deceptively simple ways to maximize networking opportunities without adding more to your calendar.

Topics discussed:
1.  Support and champion other women
2.  Leadership Principles:  Training My Assassins

1.  Block a day for you for reflection and planning
2.  Sunday night self-care

Green Flags:
1.  Pausing & reflecting - why are we engaging?
2.  Find all the puzzle pieces
3. How does it FEEL to do this?

1.  How do you show up every day?
2.  How do you mentor, collaborate & manage?

Where to find Kelly:
FREE:  70-page book bonus - Book Bonus Pages
Online tools, resources on Notion: Tools & Resources - Notion
Networking Guide - LinkedIn: Networking Guide
Website:   J. Kelly Hoey
Facebook: Kelly Hoey - Dream Network
Instagram: @jkellyhoey
LinkedIn: J. Kelly Hoey

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