Stand Tall & Own It

Ignite Your Working Genius: Turning Frustration Into Triumph

March 18, 2024 Andrea Johnson
Stand Tall & Own It
Ignite Your Working Genius: Turning Frustration Into Triumph
Show Notes

In our last episode, we delved into the transformative power of the Working Genius tool with Charity Medina, a seasoned Organizational Health Consultant and Certified Working Genius Facilitator. Now, join us as we journey deeper into the realms of personal and professional growth.

In this episode, I’m sharing how I use “Working Genius” in my life and business. Spoiler alert - one of my BIGGEST takeaways is the reminder that I can DITCH THE SHAME that comes with my Working Frustrations.

Discover how your Core Values influence your approach to tasks and processes, and uncover the hidden barriers lurking in your ABC’s (Assumptions, Beliefs, and Conditioning) that might be hindering you from unleashing your true zones of Genius!

It’s time to Stand Tall and ignite your potential as you learn how to leverage your strengths and navigate through challenges. Tune in now as we embark on this empowering quest to turn frustration into triumph!

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