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On the Horizon: Workspace ONE 2111 and macOS – Freestyle Orchestrator Now Automates Mac Management

December 22, 2021 XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton Season 1 Episode 21
On the Horizon: Workspace ONE 2111 and macOS – Freestyle Orchestrator Now Automates Mac Management
XenTegra - On The Horizon
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XenTegra - On The Horizon
On the Horizon: Workspace ONE 2111 and macOS – Freestyle Orchestrator Now Automates Mac Management
Dec 22, 2021 Season 1 Episode 21
XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton

With the recent release of Workspace ONE version 2111, VMware brings you Freestyle Orchestrator, our game-changing workflow automation engine set to revolutionize the way you manage your organization’s Windows and macOS endpoints. The result of countless man hours of legendary VMware innovation, Freestyle Orchestrator enables admins to automate specific tasks by applying designated resources to devices based on granular criteria.

That’s an accurate description of the technology, and it’s all well and good to say, but how exactly can a Mac administrator apply this revolutionary technology to make everyday life easier? How, in other words, does the rubber meet the road? We’ve created this blog to specifically call out a couple of ways – just starting examples – that admins can use Freestyle Orchestrator to better manage their Mac fleets. Again, this is simply a starting point to help you ideate scenarios within your own organization where this is a fit.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Erik Collett

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With the recent release of Workspace ONE version 2111, VMware brings you Freestyle Orchestrator, our game-changing workflow automation engine set to revolutionize the way you manage your organization’s Windows and macOS endpoints. The result of countless man hours of legendary VMware innovation, Freestyle Orchestrator enables admins to automate specific tasks by applying designated resources to devices based on granular criteria.

That’s an accurate description of the technology, and it’s all well and good to say, but how exactly can a Mac administrator apply this revolutionary technology to make everyday life easier? How, in other words, does the rubber meet the road? We’ve created this blog to specifically call out a couple of ways – just starting examples – that admins can use Freestyle Orchestrator to better manage their Mac fleets. Again, this is simply a starting point to help you ideate scenarios within your own organization where this is a fit.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Erik Collett


00:00:02.669 --> 00:00:10.110
Andy Whiteside: hi everyone and welcome to episode 21 of on the horizon i'm your host Andy whiteside i've got what's your name again now, now that with me.

00:00:10.740 --> 00:00:14.250
Andy Whiteside: Eric is I was joking with Erica minutes, my third podcast today so i'm a little.

00:00:14.460 --> 00:00:22.110
Andy Whiteside: i'm a little burnt out but Eric so with me, I actually looked at I started noticing your spider ski gear sweater.

00:00:22.500 --> 00:00:24.450
Erik Collett: Yes, my attention, I never seen one.

00:00:25.530 --> 00:00:26.790
Andy Whiteside: There seemed quite like that.

00:00:27.240 --> 00:00:33.990
Erik Collett: Quite quite as blue it's you know costco special but it's it's a very comfortable jacket very comfortable.

00:00:34.110 --> 00:00:41.340
Andy Whiteside: So that's funny I have, I have like five of those from costco not one that new or that modern I guess is that new.

00:00:41.880 --> 00:00:52.710
Erik Collett: yeah it's brand new it's brand new it's a lot fuzzier the other ones kind of have a cable knit approach, I definitely I don't know I like the table.

00:00:53.040 --> 00:00:58.410
Andy Whiteside: I bought mine with the idea that within a year or two i'd be living part time in the mountains of utah.

00:00:59.550 --> 00:01:01.320
Andy Whiteside: It kind of like wishful thinking kind of thing.

00:01:02.760 --> 00:01:08.640
Andy Whiteside: had happened yet, but when I do i'm going to have like five costco spider sweaters that I can.

00:01:09.990 --> 00:01:10.350
Andy Whiteside: Try.

00:01:11.370 --> 00:01:14.160
Andy Whiteside: As I walk around park city utah and act like i'm.

00:01:16.140 --> 00:01:17.220
Andy Whiteside: One of those guys.

00:01:17.310 --> 00:01:20.010
Erik Collett: i'm one of the local a local know you get.

00:01:20.550 --> 00:01:24.150
Erik Collett: The gloves to you get people from park city or local though they're.

00:01:24.540 --> 00:01:25.680
Andy Whiteside: part time locals.

00:01:25.710 --> 00:01:31.020
Erik Collett: yeah local enough to you know, contribute to the to the air and and.

00:01:31.470 --> 00:01:33.510
Andy Whiteside: Oh yeah and the cost of living.

00:01:33.510 --> 00:01:35.100
Erik Collett: There oh oh yeah there.

00:01:37.260 --> 00:01:37.980
Andy Whiteside: It starts.

00:01:39.600 --> 00:01:40.830
Andy Whiteside: Well Erica has been going.

00:01:41.550 --> 00:01:47.070
Erik Collett: it's good it's good everything's wrapping up and speaking of there's a lot of snow here now he wants up.

00:01:47.460 --> 00:01:48.480
we've got said I heard.

00:01:49.920 --> 00:01:59.310
Erik Collett: You hit pretty hard, and you know, for the first time in a long time i've actually you know you scrape the driveway and, yes, salt, the ground, just in case.

00:01:59.610 --> 00:02:02.820
Erik Collett: yeah is that it was a quick process, I was surprised and.

00:02:02.880 --> 00:02:05.130
Andy Whiteside: I know you guys get all excited about that happening.

00:02:05.730 --> 00:02:10.170
Andy Whiteside: I just have to assume that a month or two into that excitement starts to wane, a little bit.

00:02:10.500 --> 00:02:21.300
Erik Collett: Yes, well when the when it doesn't rise above a certain temperature and it's been you know, in the 36 to 30 tues but like this morning 2222 degrees it's it's chilly.

00:02:21.450 --> 00:02:22.530
Andy Whiteside: So it's a dry 20.

00:02:22.800 --> 00:02:34.260
Erik Collett: it's a dry 22 you know it doesn't take that you're not feeling it bike through all of your clothes that's when you can wear the spider jackets because spider jackets have a little breeze to them.

00:02:35.850 --> 00:02:40.710
Andy Whiteside: So, if I remember when we let out there you you didn't even have a car, you had a motorcycle or something.

00:02:41.070 --> 00:02:57.690
Erik Collett: Oh no I took a car to that they can't you can't I mean slushy oh wait no I was, I was in a car, I was in the car because it's slashing ice ice bike just flips right out from underneath yeah it's not a very friendly approach.

00:02:58.020 --> 00:03:02.010
Andy Whiteside: You have the other four wheel drive and all the requirements for out there you.

00:03:02.040 --> 00:03:02.220

00:03:03.930 --> 00:03:15.300
Erik Collett: I do, I do, I have a truck but I I also drove my little electric car which barely gets anywhere it's so I was supporting the electric car that I.

00:03:16.560 --> 00:03:17.520
Andy Whiteside: Think a big cave it.

00:03:17.820 --> 00:03:20.640
Erik Collett: They get it all taken it all, you know cleaned up.

00:03:21.180 --> 00:03:22.560
Andy Whiteside: yeah well.

00:03:23.610 --> 00:03:35.400
Andy Whiteside: Well, as I mentioned, almost every call i'm excited about the opportunity to do something out there someday but for now I just have to come stay for a week or two every winter and enjoy it and ski and that kind of stuff it's amazing place no doubt.

00:03:36.300 --> 00:03:39.450
Erik Collett: Thank you much appreciated and you're always welcome.

00:03:40.680 --> 00:03:44.820
Andy Whiteside: All right, yeah you know what I should schedule a meeting to come out and do the podcast and person B.

00:03:45.870 --> 00:03:46.740
Andy Whiteside: Right off.

00:03:47.190 --> 00:03:49.650
Erik Collett: A fantastic Why would we do it.

00:03:50.250 --> 00:03:58.380
Andy Whiteside: Alright, so this week, there were recording which by the way the videos of these podcasts are starting to go live on his integrity YouTube channel so.

00:03:58.920 --> 00:04:20.130
Andy Whiteside: If it helps check it out out there as well, but the the blog reviewing is workspace 121 11 so what came out in November of 2021 and MAC os freestyle orchestrator now automates MAC management so is this freestyle orchestrator been out for a while, just in general.

00:04:20.940 --> 00:04:38.460
Erik Collett: freestyle orchestrator is it hasn't it's been more prototyping and now it's like really starting to show what it can do so, you had access to it, at least in a primitive sort with the with the initial release, but this is where.

00:04:39.690 --> 00:04:42.480
Erik Collett: We roll out everything for MAC os and windows.

00:04:43.380 --> 00:04:43.770
Erik Collett: Yes.

00:04:44.580 --> 00:04:47.550
Andy Whiteside: So it's on par for both operating systems at this point.

00:04:48.030 --> 00:04:56.280
Erik Collett: yeah we're starting to do it for all the operating systems we're starting to do it for devices as well, but the This is where the first to start.

00:04:56.820 --> 00:04:57.660
Erik Collett: windows MAC.

00:04:58.830 --> 00:05:05.250
Andy Whiteside: let's have this conversation, one of my sales guys of the day, and they said something about ios and android and then I stopped and said well how much.

00:05:05.790 --> 00:05:21.180
Andy Whiteside: For most of our customers, what do we, what do we manage with them it's like oh windows and Max and it's like Okay, there you go, I mean that's where that's where these tools really apply as we start to get into a world of endpoint management of all the different flavors.

00:05:21.480 --> 00:05:30.510
Erik Collett: Yes, and i'll say we already do android and ios and all that stuff happens natively to you.

00:05:31.350 --> 00:05:38.760
Erik Collett: But operating systems like windows and like MAC are a lot more complicated, they have a lot more moving parts.

00:05:39.240 --> 00:05:50.370
Erik Collett: Whereas like with a device we just send a profile and we send an application that application automatically installs we can inject some of the profile information into that and it just magically works.

00:05:50.730 --> 00:06:04.530
Erik Collett: Whereas with MAC and windows, we have a lot more of these moving parts, we have the registry that we have to deal with, maybe we have to go through a dp or one of these other solutions that.

00:06:05.160 --> 00:06:20.730
Erik Collett: Well apple has a whole enterprise management infrastructure that we have to go through so it's there's a lot of moving parts and freestyle is meant to freestyle orchestrator is meant to to segue between all those different moving parts.

00:06:21.300 --> 00:06:25.740
Andy Whiteside: So, give me a description of what freestyle orchestrator is.

00:06:26.190 --> 00:06:32.040
Erik Collett: OK freestyle orchestrator is basically a low code no code type of approach.

00:06:33.630 --> 00:06:49.980
Erik Collett: You dragging the different features, you say, I want to install this you target the two different applications that you want to install maybe you need to uninstalled things first run that workflow but it's basically workflow building with low code no code drag and drop.

00:06:51.690 --> 00:06:53.310
Andy Whiteside: So windows well.

00:06:54.540 --> 00:06:56.190
Andy Whiteside: anybody can do it for the most part.

00:06:56.610 --> 00:07:02.370
Erik Collett: Yes, it is simplified so that anybody even a child could do it well child that knows it.

00:07:03.720 --> 00:07:04.500
Erik Collett: let's just go with that.

00:07:06.510 --> 00:07:10.950
Andy Whiteside: We will go into talking about some of the option or some of the different.

00:07:11.220 --> 00:07:18.570
Andy Whiteside: elements that we describing the you guys described in the blog here, I have a question for you can you have any idea what the numbers are in terms of.

00:07:20.430 --> 00:07:27.240
Andy Whiteside: It deployments that are windows vs MAC and where that's coming going from over the last.

00:07:28.350 --> 00:07:45.660
Erik Collett: I should have this it is in the millions, and I would say the 10s to hundreds of millions that we have, but that we engage with on since I would say the life of the product, for the most part, but every device that goes out.

00:07:46.860 --> 00:08:00.990
Erik Collett: Now life of the product is probably in the years every time that we deploy device it's going through our system, and then we basically push profile information down to it, so it's in the millions, 10s hundreds.

00:08:01.140 --> 00:08:03.090
Andy Whiteside: How would you compare it like the numbers, is it.

00:08:03.120 --> 00:08:04.110
Andy Whiteside: 10% back.

00:08:04.890 --> 00:08:05.160

00:08:06.750 --> 00:08:09.930
Erik Collett: um I would say majority is MAC right now.

00:08:10.740 --> 00:08:15.720
Erik Collett: it's probably 60 to 70% think there's more MACs and PCs out there being managed.

00:08:15.900 --> 00:08:22.110
Erik Collett: When it mainly because, with Max that was we were the best tool for the job.

00:08:24.750 --> 00:08:27.510
Andy Whiteside: you're so in your customer footprint there's a lot of Max.

00:08:27.600 --> 00:08:43.830
Erik Collett: there's a lot of Max there's a lot of Max windows became more prevalent, especially with you know Dell getting involved and saying hey you need to use Dell Dell products more so therefore we've we've kind of divided that up a little bit more.

00:08:44.880 --> 00:09:05.340
Erik Collett: But we weren't as fluid and in tune was always there first in tune being a free tool and if you're only using windows that can be enough, but if you're using a MAC and a windows machine and android or an ios when you've got all of those then we're the best footprint for it.

00:09:05.790 --> 00:09:21.600
Andy Whiteside: yeah which I don't think that is all that uncommon, at least for I want to say the normal user but yeah i've got one of all those some are managed and some aren't but I don't think it's all that, and especially when you start bringing in byob partially managed to be ye O D device.

00:09:21.600 --> 00:09:22.890
Erik Collett: Yes, yeah.

00:09:23.430 --> 00:09:37.740
Erik Collett: I mean everybody's going to bring something to the table, I i'm not going to get a corporate phone I don't want a corporate phone, I want to choose my phone and then and then enroll it and yeah that's going to be up to if.

00:09:39.300 --> 00:09:40.530
Erik Collett: It is gonna have to support that.

00:09:40.980 --> 00:09:48.300
Andy Whiteside: You know, when you were gonna say something I interrupted you i'm going to jump into the device onboarding use case unless you have something else you wanted to cover.

00:09:48.750 --> 00:09:51.030
Erik Collett: No, that is, that is just fine.

00:09:51.660 --> 00:10:06.330
Andy Whiteside: So the blog kind of introduced the concept of the freestyle orchestrator and then it jumps in the next section was just an example of where you use it for device onboarding kind of walk us through how this thing applies to this and example of how it might be leveraged.

00:10:06.960 --> 00:10:15.420
Erik Collett: Well, the beauty of it is that screenshot itself is is pretty telling on the blog itself, where you have.

00:10:16.860 --> 00:10:19.500
Erik Collett: kind of a pain, but yeah that's it.

00:10:21.480 --> 00:10:35.640
Erik Collett: The idea being I can I, as long as I know, information about the device maybe if it's attached to a user maybe it's enrolled to a user and I can say I need to run a particular action on it, it is going in and saying.

00:10:36.270 --> 00:10:43.800
Erik Collett: We need to uninstall this, we need to then install that with these different settings very easy to just run that script and.

00:10:44.370 --> 00:10:52.830
Erik Collett: If you don't have there's a library of functions that you can take and then targets certain activities on different devices.

00:10:53.250 --> 00:10:59.760
Erik Collett: or certain activities on different Installers like install this silently remove this silently and so forth.

00:11:00.300 --> 00:11:05.580
Erik Collett: Those functions are built in, then I can just drag all that in target the particular executable.

00:11:06.000 --> 00:11:21.330
Erik Collett: there's a script you can see the code in the on the right side if you need to adjust that code, you can manually go in and adjust it, but after dragging and dropping and putting all the scripts in place, then you can trigger it to see what the actions would take.

00:11:21.570 --> 00:11:31.290
Andy Whiteside: yeah so so Eric Is this a matter of step one get the agent on the device and then after that it phones home and you tell it what all needs to be done for the rest of the onboarding.

00:11:32.160 --> 00:11:51.270
Erik Collett: it's a it's enrollment based so when you enroll the device, it will communicate with back end and and at that point, it will perform all of its functions to to push what it needs to have needs to be installed intelligent hub needs to be in there, in order for it that's your agent.

00:11:51.480 --> 00:11:52.260
Erik Collett: That you're talking about.

00:11:52.620 --> 00:12:06.540
Andy Whiteside: yeah so the enrollment process will push out the the hub, and then the hub will start understanding what its next step or steps are until you finish the onboarding process that has been laid out by the freestyle orchestrator.

00:12:07.080 --> 00:12:14.490
Erik Collett: Yes, now, I will say there are some provisioning solutions built into windows and MAC.

00:12:15.180 --> 00:12:29.430
Erik Collett: That you don't even need that hub it's just using the native solutions built into the operating systems so as long as that enrollments there, and there is a there is an understanding between the systems you're good to go yeah.

00:12:30.810 --> 00:12:35.250
Andy Whiteside: Okay, and i'm neck deep in trying to onboard systems over here.

00:12:36.210 --> 00:12:37.680
Andy Whiteside: It is a problem that has.

00:12:37.710 --> 00:12:38.910
Andy Whiteside: been around for.

00:12:39.960 --> 00:12:47.610
Andy Whiteside: I don't know 30 years 20 years only gotten worse because of the need for remote onboarding like we don't.

00:12:48.030 --> 00:12:51.210
Andy Whiteside: You don't come to the office on your first day anymore or your first week.

00:12:51.960 --> 00:13:00.360
Andy Whiteside: You don't meet up at a conference anymore and hand your device to the it gurus to get it all updated and patch and everything it all has to be on boarded.

00:13:01.650 --> 00:13:04.800
Andy Whiteside: updated and even offline afforded you know.

00:13:04.860 --> 00:13:10.740
Erik Collett: All remote, yes, yes yeah you have to have the people coming and going.

00:13:13.680 --> 00:13:29.460
Erik Collett: yeah it's but you you bring and bring up a good point how many thousands of times have you had to do this, and these should be repeatable processes, these should be things that we can script put in place and just kick off without having to babysit yeah.

00:13:31.860 --> 00:13:31.980
Andy Whiteside: Like.

00:13:33.240 --> 00:13:33.720
Andy Whiteside: Go ahead sorry.

00:13:34.380 --> 00:13:36.150
Erik Collett: I like this, I mean go ahead.

00:13:36.450 --> 00:13:42.330
Andy Whiteside: So the next example you guys give a where this might apply is a complex application installs where you're doing something that's.

00:13:42.810 --> 00:13:53.610
Andy Whiteside: As system level as your anti virus or malware protection or all the above, for example, let's say you're going to replace your antivirus solution with carbon black.

00:13:54.540 --> 00:14:06.630
Andy Whiteside: or let's say maybe you never even had one maybe it's as complex as you had one you have to uninstall it at a system level and then install the new one, all this needs to be done, you know really deep into the operating system.

00:14:07.170 --> 00:14:14.550
Erik Collett: yeah and you may even have to go in and do some registry edits you need to chop some of those things out, you can script that I mean.

00:14:15.360 --> 00:14:26.940
Erik Collett: You can script it before, but we can now give you notifications on every step of the way what's happening, maybe there's an exception to the rule or whatever else but all that can be embedded into the code.

00:14:27.990 --> 00:14:31.560
Erik Collett: or no code and you know depends on how deep you want to get into it.

00:14:33.450 --> 00:14:42.030
Andy Whiteside: You know, for me, this is the again the third podcast today second time today where i've seen technology that I long for 10 years ago when I was doing this stuff and.

00:14:43.590 --> 00:14:51.990
Andy Whiteside: It makes you want to jump back in roll up your sleeves me personally get back involved in doing some of these things, and then reality soaks in that i've got many, many other things to do, but.

00:14:53.520 --> 00:15:04.500
Andy Whiteside: This has been something that has been needed for the SIS admin the desktop administrator SIS admin for a very long time.

00:15:04.920 --> 00:15:12.510
Andy Whiteside: And we kind of got that on the side of ios and android because those things were built to be managed more or less early on.

00:15:13.140 --> 00:15:21.300
Andy Whiteside: and managed remotely because you you just they just needed to be on the network somewhere not land way and necessarily but a network, so that they could get home.

00:15:21.930 --> 00:15:29.730
Andy Whiteside: In the site and windows and MAC and We grew up on the network or sneaker net and things that didn't require such complex configurations remotely.

00:15:30.450 --> 00:15:48.150
Erik Collett: I was, I was talking, I was talking with some people about web one oh and web two oh and web three oh and in speaking of sneaker net and modems and bbs is and it's like you don't even know where all this came from, and I was playing doom.

00:15:49.290 --> 00:15:52.020
Erik Collett: Over serial cables way.

00:15:54.450 --> 00:15:57.660
Erik Collett: Anyway, just sorry just a little flashback there.

00:15:58.830 --> 00:16:03.240
Andy Whiteside: That moment the today my kids are here at the company in turning over the holiday and.

00:16:03.870 --> 00:16:11.430
Andy Whiteside: I was trying to explain the difference which most people in our industry don't know anyway, the difference between streaming applications and presenting applications.

00:16:11.970 --> 00:16:19.080
Andy Whiteside: Right stream you're actually moving the bits and Bytes down to the endpoint and they're actually executing in a sandbox or a minimalistic Lee or something.

00:16:20.610 --> 00:16:28.590
Andy Whiteside: Then vs presentation yeah we're doing a presentation layer protocol, and then I had to explain that when Internet Internet explorer six came out.

00:16:28.950 --> 00:16:36.810
Andy Whiteside: That Microsoft was telling people you would need to write applications anymore, you would just use a browser for everything and that's slowly becoming reality, but it's.

00:16:37.890 --> 00:16:42.210
Andy Whiteside: I guess 30 years after that was said to me, maybe 25, at least at least 25.

00:16:42.600 --> 00:16:45.630
Andy Whiteside: And we still have a majority of client server Apps.

00:16:45.990 --> 00:16:53.730
Erik Collett: yeah yeah and we don't need to anymore, we really don't, but it is what it is technology takes a while.

00:16:54.870 --> 00:17:00.660
Erik Collett: I always think about turning the Titanic, it takes a while, you have to tell give some clear notice where you're going.

00:17:03.030 --> 00:17:03.990
Erik Collett: that's what we're trying to do.

00:17:04.350 --> 00:17:06.030
Andy Whiteside: That to avoid the iceberg so we're saying.

00:17:06.090 --> 00:17:11.370
Erik Collett: Yes, avoid the iceberg call it out way in advance or slow down, you know slow down a little.

00:17:12.450 --> 00:17:13.020
Andy Whiteside: It looks like.

00:17:13.170 --> 00:17:14.580
Erik Collett: The same but it's.

00:17:14.880 --> 00:17:16.980
Andy Whiteside: it's 25 years away.

00:17:17.250 --> 00:17:18.660
Erik Collett: yeah yeah ID.

00:17:19.980 --> 00:17:26.430
Erik Collett: tech works like that there are those it's a long stretchy process how often we get into it.

00:17:27.600 --> 00:17:29.640
Erik Collett: Now one place, that I would go.

00:17:29.970 --> 00:17:35.010
Andy Whiteside: If people want to people want to learn more about this freestyle orchestrator, what do you recommend.

00:17:35.310 --> 00:17:50.550
Erik Collett: So I mean really these these links that are on this page the freestyle orchestrator website fantastic you go into the resources section I would say the podcast if you want to kind of a deeper dive of how it works is also on that page.

00:17:52.350 --> 00:18:12.120
Erik Collett: So that there is also a tech preview that lets you jump into it and explore it yourself see some see some of the low code no code pieces see how really a lot of the scripting is just command line script and for the most part it builds itself for you from canned.

00:18:13.350 --> 00:18:25.500
Erik Collett: canned commands but just keep in mind that you can do more with getting in a little doing a little research and maybe doing a little code it's not really code it's just command line but.

00:18:26.490 --> 00:18:33.840
Andy Whiteside: it's a script just some basic scripting which you know if you're if you're me and you do some scripting you just go find what you need off the Internet and copy and paste.

00:18:33.840 --> 00:18:34.830
Erik Collett: copy paste.

00:18:34.890 --> 00:18:36.870
Andy Whiteside: yeah maybe tweak a little bit.

00:18:37.200 --> 00:18:38.850
Erik Collett: Just trust it just trust it.

00:18:40.200 --> 00:18:41.790
Erik Collett: Well, make sure it's trustworthy.

00:18:42.300 --> 00:18:43.980
Andy Whiteside: Trust trust, but verify tests and.

00:18:44.010 --> 00:18:45.600
Erik Collett: Trust but verify testing.

00:18:46.110 --> 00:18:46.890
Erik Collett: Love testing.

00:18:48.390 --> 00:18:55.320
Andy Whiteside: Well that's the end of the blog I appreciate you jumping on and covering this and hope you have a happy holiday and we'll see you again in January.

00:18:55.680 --> 00:18:58.440
Erik Collett: Yes, and you to train yourself.

00:18:59.070 --> 00:19:01.890
Andy Whiteside: Alright, Sir, what do the weather, and do you.

00:19:03.090 --> 00:19:04.260
Andy Whiteside: ever thought about do you ski.

00:19:04.740 --> 00:19:05.310
Andy Whiteside: You go out.

00:19:05.610 --> 00:19:08.880
Erik Collett: I don't ski as much as i'd like to.

00:19:09.180 --> 00:19:15.270
Erik Collett: But I tried snowboarding two years ago, and my butt hurts I.

00:19:15.570 --> 00:19:19.740
Erik Collett: mean it's it i'm bought hurt I guess that's really what.

00:19:21.090 --> 00:19:29.550
Erik Collett: It should be easier for me, but i'm i'm tall, and I am clunky and if the ground is really far away from me these days.

00:19:29.760 --> 00:19:30.090
Andy Whiteside: yeah.

00:19:30.360 --> 00:19:32.370
Andy Whiteside: it's it's not so much the following is to getting up.

00:19:32.760 --> 00:19:33.900
Erik Collett: It kinda.

00:19:34.110 --> 00:19:34.560

00:19:36.030 --> 00:19:37.350
Erik Collett: And the times that i've done it.

00:19:37.440 --> 00:19:42.420
Erik Collett: it's ice all ice and I need to get there when it's Nice and powdery like it is right now.

00:19:42.480 --> 00:19:44.310
Erik Collett: Actually, totally take it.

00:19:44.760 --> 00:19:47.940
Andy Whiteside: along to get there well i'll be out there in a couple weeks, maybe we'll look you up.

00:19:48.480 --> 00:19:50.430
Erik Collett: Yes, feel free.

00:19:51.270 --> 00:19:53.250
Andy Whiteside: appreciate the time and we'll do it again a couple weeks.

00:19:53.490 --> 00:19:54.780
Erik Collett: yep sounds good thanks.