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Ep 3 - Hugh's fight and the boxing team's performance review, recaps for EBI 13 & Glory 47, the WBSS super tourneys and preview UFC 217
October 29, 2017 Shane, Trent & Hugh

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This week we talk about -

Hugh's Last fight (1 min,30s in)

How the Double Dragon boxing team faired at the Thriller in Miller show (5.35)

Trent gives a a brief rundown of Ribeiro Juijitsu Sydney's Pan pacs results and upcoming Jits seminars in Sydney (13.40)

Hugh recaps Glory 47 (19.00)

We review Jiujitsu Ace Garry Tonon's EBI 13 run (39.40)

Shane discuss' the exciting World boxing super series tournament semi finals and his boxing woman crush Katie Taylor's first world title win (48.00)

All things UFC, but mainly the super card 217 coming up next week (56.55)

Check out these links to some of the fighters we talked about today:

  1. Boxing: Katie Taylor and Oleksandr Usyk
  2. Glory/Kickboxing: Artem Vakhitov
  3. Submission Grappling: Garry Tonon
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