Antiracist Parenting Podcast

E9: Antiracist Parenting in the Context of Multiracial Families

March 30, 2021 Hannah Carney & SooJin Pate Season 1 Episode 9
Antiracist Parenting Podcast
E9: Antiracist Parenting in the Context of Multiracial Families
Show Notes

In this episode, SooJin and Hannah invite Karla Benson Rutten (from episode 2) back to dive deeper into raising multiracial, antiracist children. SooJin opens the conversation by naming the victims of the recent shootings in Atlanta, GA​,​ and Boulder, CO. She shares how these events are impacting her personally as a Korean​-​American woman, and she explains how white supremacy, a system of dehumanization, contributes to these violent acts. Together we recognize how antiracism helps to connect us through our shared humanity and how community plays a critical role in processing the pain.

Our intention for this episode is to envision a multiracial and antiracist society and become better versed in each other’s narratives. Karla, who describes herself as a Black cis-woman, is married to a white man. Together they are raising two biracial, Black children. Karla is one of the most intentional, deliberate, and strategic antiracist parents we know. During the episode, Karla shares the ways in which she “vetted” her white partner before getting involved. She talks about some of the dynamics they had to navigate with their friends and family​,​ what it was like when they became parents​, and the racist, sexist stereotypes and biases she had to negotiate because her children didn't necessarily look like her - especially as babies​. Karla and her partner have built a strong foundation for their family, which ultimately serves to protect their children. We strongly recommend listening to this episode if you’re in an interracial relationship or are raising biracial or multiracial kids. Karla’s wisdom and experience is profoundly moving and inspiring.

Please note: We sometimes use the acronym BIPOC, which means Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color. In this episode we use the term “nibling,” which is a gender-inclusive way of referring to the children of siblings - replacing niece or nephew.


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