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054: Kyle Barnett - CarbonBook

December 24, 2021 Joe Swartz & Nick Greens Season 2 Episode 54
Polygreens Podcast
054: Kyle Barnett - CarbonBook
Show Notes

Kyle started his career as a grower in both aquaponic and hydroponic operations focusing on leafy greens and lettuce production. After joining the BrightFarms greenhouse team in 2015, he was promoted to Key Account Manager for the company, focusing on the sale of produce to supermarket chains and distribution channels. Kyle later took a position with Hort Americas as a Sales Manager focusing on substrates, fertilizers, and LED lighting sales to CEA growers. In 2019, Kyle partnered with CropTalk Media to create #KyleTalksAgTech, a podcast segment that focuses on CEA, vertical farms, and greenhouse technology as well as CEA leaders. Kyle also advises multiple CEA companies, associations and trade shows.

More about Kyle Barnett:
Website: https://carbonbook.com/

More about Joe Swartz:
Website: https://amhydro.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HydroConsultant

More about Nick Greens:
Website: https://www.nickgreens.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/InfoGreens

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