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Family Leave: AmeriCAN...but AmeriWON'T

July 05, 2022 Season 2 Episode 5
Mess Is More
Family Leave: AmeriCAN...but AmeriWON'T
Show Notes

Happy 4th of July???

After the overturning or Roe vs. Wade a couple weeks ago, it's even more critical that family care is addressed by our country. Being a new parent is a huge endeavor, and the USA is one of the only wealthy nations that doesn't have national paid leave.

We have been fortunate to have 3 great companies step up to provide family support in amazing ways.  We want to shout out and hear about the organizations that are helping fill the void, that so far our country has refused to fill.

Check out these 3 Great companies on instagram
Creede Repertory Theatre - @creederep
Curriculum Associates - @curriculum_associates
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra - @indy_symphony

Check out the articles from the episode here:

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