The Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast

019: How Resilience Leads To Business Growth with Erin Dean Williams and Nathalie Amlani

December 31, 2020 Nathalie Amlani and Erin Dean Williams Episode 19
The Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast
019: How Resilience Leads To Business Growth with Erin Dean Williams and Nathalie Amlani
Show Notes

Hello friends and welcome to another episode of the Sunrise Brand Collective, we are your hosts Erin Williams and Nathalie Amlani and we are so excited to wrap up our year of podcasts with a talk on Resilience in Business.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how to be resilient in the face of adversity and discomfort.
We’ve learned that we can’t control everything and to focus on the things that we can control.

Here are Nathalie's thoughts on what keeps her going during hard times:

  1. Getting into massive action has helped us get through these difficult times. Examples - brand strategy, project management.
  2. Personal development, expanded network, attending Sabrina Greer’s mastermind, diving deeper into spirituality and intuition. Practicing the miracle morning routine.
  3. Evolving, updating our competency in areas of personal growth and development, learning from others how to deal with adversity, and challenge our thinking.
  4. Asking for help from coaches and people in our network. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and ask for help, you are giving people the opportunity to serve which helps them grow.
  5. Being flexible and making adjustments to accommodate our families and the new restrictions. Learning how to quickly pivot and adjust, and not be complacent.
  6. Expanding our network by joining groups, forums, and masterminds.
  7. How to have a growth and abundance mindset so there’s always room for growth. There always enough time, productivity and time management.
  8. Having the courage to speak our truth and be open and honest with the people in your life, including business partners, friends and family.

Looking back, this year has given us an opportunity to explore our passions and partnership with one another even deeper. We are grateful for this discomfort because it has helped us grow not just as individuals but also as business owners. Also know that you’re not alone, there is always someone willing to help you just have to ask. Sometimes things have to get out of balance to get back into balance.

Celebrating wins no matter how big or small are still wins and deserve to be celebrated! We are celebrating some of our wins and impact we’ve made this year in 2020:

  • Launching Brand Booster Mastermind
  • Virtual Sunrise Brand Summit - a two day inspiration event with 19 speakers
  • The Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast
  • Starting the Sunrise Brand Collective Facebook community group
  • Learning about ourselves and our passions, deepening connection to self and our intuition
  • Collaborating to serve our clients better

Our Plans for the new year:

  • Going in deeper into some of the areas that people have been asking us about, client case studies and stories, and of course more mindset and business stuff.
  • Bring some fresh new content on the podcast, diving into some tech talk
  • Continue to help our community learn and thrive in their business

Final thoughts

  • Lean in to the challenges that come
  • Grateful for the discomfort
  • Know that you’re not alone - ask for help when needed, use your network.
  • Always someone willing to help

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Wishing our listeners a Happy New Year!

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