The Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast

022: Boost Your Business With A Brand Refresh with Erin Dean Williams and Nathalie Amlani

January 21, 2021 Nathalie Amlani and Erin Dean Williams Episode 22
The Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast
022: Boost Your Business With A Brand Refresh with Erin Dean Williams and Nathalie Amlani
Show Notes

Do you feel the need to refresh your brand or do a rebrand? Does your brand still represent your brand vibe and who you serve? Rebranding can be both scary and exciting but more importantly, it is an opportunity to bring major growth to your business.

There are different reasons you might want to rebrand. You may have outgrown your old branding and logo, or you may want to evolve to attract a new Ideal customer avatar. Whatever the reason, rebranding can give your business the boost it needs to create new growth.

From a design perspective, it’s important that your website and brand mark stay current. So some reasons to rebrand would include:

  • Updating an outdated website, so that your potential customers get excited about your product or service when they land on your website.
  • Updating your logo if it’s outdated or not aligned with your current products or services.

One of the benefits of rebranding is creating an overall more consistent look and feel for your brand. So maybe it’s just taking a look at your social media profiles, and updating your imagery and graphics to create a more unified look so that your brand becomes more recognizable.

For example, I recently updated my Pictonat Photography website by refreshing the theme and how the colour palette is used and it felt amazing, more aligned to how I want to show up
Rebranding really breathes new life into your business.

Something as simple as updating your logo and website can get you excited about your business again and when you’re excited your customers will feel your excitement and want to engage with your brand. They will also feel part of your journey and more connected with your brand.

You can even start small by updating the images on your website and improving your content strategy . Even this can help your business feel fresh and new.

If you are going to rebrand you should also go deep into your ideal client avatar. Who gets you excited about your business and serving? How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

And also your why , why do you do what you do? What difference are you trying to make in the lives of others.

Tune into the full episode to learn more about the strategies for successfully rebranding along with examples of entrepreneurs who have successfully refreshed and rebranded their business.

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