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Tom Check - The Master Key to Change

September 18, 2020 Alejandro Cornejo Episode 3
The Life Athletes Podcast
Tom Check - The Master Key to Change
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My Guest Tom check shares his insights on change from his personal journey as well from his experience as a life coach.  We can change our behavior but the key is in understanding who we are and why we want to change.  With this approach, we have agency and power in creating experiences that are meaningful to us.

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Tom shares his journey to becoming a life coach
When you're miserable it's sometimes hard to determine what is causing it.
Blaming others is the easiest thing to do
It is easy to fall into self deception
Tom shares how helping others impacted him
How change can happen
Tom shares aspects of his coaching strategy
More development is not always better
Tom shares his definition of happiness
Challenges to being present and meditating
There are no wrong notes
Tom shares his thoughts on the role of purpose
Looking at change as "fun"
Lightning round
Final Thought