Raising Financial Freedom

Advocating For Financial Literacy Education

February 04, 2021 Eric Yard Episode 17
Raising Financial Freedom
Advocating For Financial Literacy Education
Show Notes

#017 Today, I am lucky to have Jacqueline Collins Prester. Jacqueline is a National Board Certified business teacher and instructional technology specialist at Mansfield High School. Jacqueline has been a vocal advocate of financial literacy education for years. She has worked with many organizations to bring attention to the need for financial literacy education for all. Massachusetts recently established financial literacy standards within the 2018 History and Social Science Framework, and additional standards signed into law by Governor Baker via Chapter 438, An Act Relative to Financial Literacy In Schools.

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-       “Schools assume financial literacy is being taught at home. However, parents are not comfortable with the material.”

-       “The sooner children start saving and investing, the better off they will be.”

-       “People need to budget in a different way during the pandemic.”

-       “Understand financial literacy, so banks don’t make money off of you.”

-       “It’s okay to talk about money with your children.”

In This Episode:

  • [ 2:18 ] The overall state of financial literacy in this country  
  • [ 7:43 ] How parents can help their children succeed 
  • [ 13:58 ] The ways financial literacy will affect generational wealth 
  • [ 20:58] About Jacqueline’s passion for teaching 
  • [ 23:03 ] Jacqueline’s favorite financial literacy resource 
  • [ 25:43 ] What people don’t realize about financial literacy   
  • [ 26:03 ] Advice for parents 


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