The Evolving Human

How The Evolution of Midlife is so Much More Than Menopause Flaws

April 25, 2021 Dr. Lissette Alvarez-Holland Season 1 Episode 14
The Evolving Human
How The Evolution of Midlife is so Much More Than Menopause Flaws
Show Notes

Welcome Back to The Evolving Human Show where we are speaking today with The Queeen of Midlife Mojo -----

Jill Kaufman Lebofsky, The Midlife Mojo Master 

I have to admit, I intended this to be an Owning HER Health Podcast Episode but after listening back to where the conversation went, I felt this was actually an evolving woman conversation and in that, an evolving conversation about midlife and modeling the second half of our years as the ones where vitality and impact can soar.

Jill Lebofsky’s focused mission in life is to be the champion for midlife women and helping them to look and feel their best during their midlife years.

As the Midlife Mojo Master Coach, Jill has helped over 2,000+ women over 40 gain control over their physical, emotional, sexual, hormonal and spiritual wellbeing. Her clients and community have seen results of happier marriages, increased self-confidence, stronger, fitter bodies and more purpose-filled lives.

Amongst her accomplishments she is ...

  • An Amazon best-selling author of two books, “No Sweat It’s Just Menopause! Eating, Exercise and Essential Oils For A Healthy Change” and “Melt The Midlife Middle: A Beginner’s Guide For Women To The Intermittent Fasting & Essential Oils Lifestyle”. 
  • Featured in national magazines and on podcasts and is a public speaker on the topic of midlife women’s wellness. 
  • Educating and supporting women globally, with her various midlife classes and webinars both in person and online. 

Jill truly understands the importance of bringing women together around this important topic of thriving during the midlife years and does so through her special events, retreats and private online Facebook community, the “Midlife Mojo” group.

Jill’s overall philosophy on women’s wellness and living your best life can be summed up in a simple 3-step approach: Eat Well, Move More, Use Oils.

To reach out to Jill please contact her today via – Join Midlife Mojo private Facebook Group

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