But Seriously, What is Engineering?
Students ONLY episode!
Students ONLY episode! 29:05 The future is bright with solar 22:53 How to start a startup 14:23 The careful balance 17:47 The flexibility of a career in engineering 9:21 Working towards a sustainable future 15:58 Civil engineering - it’s so much more than you think! 24:24 Young Engineer of the year 2021 27:30 The incredible world of medical engineering 22:23 An inspiring leader 28:20 Diversity in engineering 32:36 The beanie that's as safe as a helmet 16:22 Floating into the future 19:45 Breaking the engineering code 10:17 Let’s talk all things research! 22:38 What’s this all about the mine? 22:34 How to make a team work 24:32 Dreaming big to drive diversity in engineering 19:32 Helping the world with humanitarian engineering 21:26 Where can engineering take you? 27:22 Why engineering? 11:10 The engineering industry, then and now 26:15 Finding your tribe 24:41 From mechanical engineering student to entrepreneur 15:33