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S02E21: How Saravana Kumar built a $10 mn SaaS startup from Coimbatore with $0 funding

June 01, 2021 Freshworks Inc. Season 2 Episode 21
The Orbit Shift Podcast
S02E21: How Saravana Kumar built a $10 mn SaaS startup from Coimbatore with $0 funding
Show Notes

As the Founder & CEO of Saravana Kumar has bucked every trend that a start-up playbook advises you to do. He is a solo entrepreneur, his company is based out of Coimbatore, a town in Southern India, and his product is sold exclusively to enterprise customers. 

Yet, he has scaled his organization to $10 million in revenue with a total of 0 dollars in funding. In the latest episode of The Orbit Shift Podcast, we caught up with the entrepreneur to learn more about his journey and about how he sells to enterprise customers, builds trust among prospects, moved from a single product to a multi-product company, and how he learns on the job and fixes skill gaps within himself and with the larger team. 

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About the Guest

Saravana Kumar, a renowned software entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of, founded in 2010 to help enterprises address the challenges in their BizTalk environments. His decade of experience as a BizTalk consultant motivated him to create Kovai. co’s flagship product - BizTalk36o-to, to reach 1000+ enterprise customers worldwide. Before launching, Saravana worked in the U.K. as a Microsoft BizTalk Consultant. In 2007, for his immense contribution, Microsoft awarded him the Most Valuable Professional (MVP), which he continues to hold to date.

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