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S02E26: Stacey Epstein, CMO of Freshworks on building an outbound engine for a product-led-growth startup

July 06, 2021 Freshworks Inc. Season 2 Episode 26
The Orbit Shift Podcast
S02E26: Stacey Epstein, CMO of Freshworks on building an outbound engine for a product-led-growth startup
Show Notes

Several top companies today are product-led companies. This includes the likes of Atlassian, Slack, Zoom, and Freshworks. What does it really mean to be a product-led company? Does product-led growth work for all startups? How do you design your outbound sales motion if you started with a product-led, inbound growth strategy? In today's episode of The Orbit Shift Podcast, Stacey Epstein, the Chief Marketing Officer of Freshworks Inc. answers all these questions and more. Stacey joined Freshworks in March to lead the company's marketing organization. She oversees growth marketing, product marketing, branding, corporate marketing, communications, and analyst/ public relations at Freshworks. 


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About the Guest

Stacey Epstein is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Freshworks Inc. She leads our global marketing organization including Growth Marketing, Product Marketing, Branding, Corporate Marketing,  Communications, and Analyst/Public Relations. Stacey brings more than 25 years of industry experience in growing iconic SaaS brands like SuccessFactors and ServiceMax through hyper-growth, acquisitions, and IPOs. Most recently, she was CMO and Chief Customer Experience Officer at ServiceMax - a position she returned to when Zinc, where she was CEO, was acquired by ServiceMax in 2019.

Before Zinc, Stacey was CMO at ServiceMax, where she joined the founding team and led the marketing function through six years of triple-digit growth. She also was head of marketing at SuccessFactors for six years and was instrumental in the company's IPO in 2007, as well as its acquisition by SAP later. She currently serves on the board for Litmus and CircleCi. She’s also a prolific author and is a fierce advocate for women in the workplace. 

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