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Wonder Woman 1984 | A review by Britany Murphy

December 21, 2020 Crystal Garcia, Rudy Garcia & HRMG Partner Season 4
Revolve One
Wonder Woman 1984 | A review by Britany Murphy
Show Notes

On this episode of Revolve One, we speak to the Managing Editor of Geeks of Color, Britany Murphy, about the upcoming movie: Wonder Woman 1984. With the film hitting theaters and also dropping on HBO Max Christmas day, we are excited to know more about the long awaited sequel from someone who has already seen it! 

There is no need to proceed with caution as spoilers are NOT included in this enthralling and insightful review. 

As the infamous year of 2020 engendered constant delays and pushbacks, we simply wanted to remind everyone that once again Wonder Woman has come to "save the world"—whether on the big screen or in the comfort of your own home.

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