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Andrea Johnson | C MATH is EASY Co-founder

February 11, 2021 Crystal Garcia, Rudy Garcia with Andrea Johnson & HRMG Partner Season 4
Revolve One
Andrea Johnson | C MATH is EASY Co-founder
Show Notes

In this episode, we switch gears to a more serious note as we interview a local teacher turned entrepreneur, Andrea Johnson, who co-founded C MATH is EASY alongside Elsa Brown. They created this organization in tandem with original materials to "help a child or an adult understand the basic foundations of math."  

During a lesson prep, Andrea is perplexed to find a copyrighted workbook of theirs plagiarized seemingly verbatim. Despite their efforts to work alongside and possibly partner with these local educational institutions, it appears copyrighted material is being used but is not credited to the rightful author or organization. 

Andrea understands and delights in their organization's profound role in teaching others so "they can become their dream" yet feels like their hard work is being exploited rather than justly commended. 

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Or call them at 361-371-2838

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