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YIKES on YouTube | Cris Olvera, Ricky Martinez, Ryan Monroy

March 25, 2021 Crystal Garcia, Rudy Garcia with Cris Olvera, Ricky Martinez, Ryan Monroy Season 4
Revolve One
YIKES on YouTube | Cris Olvera, Ricky Martinez, Ryan Monroy
Show Notes

A local web series emerged out of all of the collective uncertainty that was 2020. YIKES, a YouTube web series, created by Cris Olvera, Ricky Martinez, and Ryan Monroy, has gained a lot of traction here in South Texas ever since it's debut episode was released in late October 2020. 

More specifically, our hometown of Corpus Christi is officially the Land of YIKES and perhaps this is why we are smiling a little wider lately as current residents! This incredibly relevant web series explores the fictional shortcomings and adventures of roommates, Ryan and Ricky. That is just the beginning of YIKES so be sure to listen to this episode as we get the story of how, what and why this rising series has captivated so many hearts, minds and don’t forget the most awkward laughs ever. ;) 

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