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The Windward Review, Civility and You 2020 | Vol. 18

April 22, 2021 Crystal Garcia, Rudy Garcia & HRMG Partner Season 4
Revolve One
The Windward Review, Civility and You 2020 | Vol. 18
Show Notes

Whenever we can talk about poetry, art, and creatively collaborating, we're over the moon! In this episode, we speak with the Editors and Faculty Advisor of Volume 18 of The Windward Review: Civility and You. 

Dr. Robin Carstensen, the Faculty Advisor, gives us some insight into their humble beginnings as well as evolution throughout the years. Dylan Lopez, the Managing Editor, shares what creative works are accepted for consideration and gives a glimpse into their submission process. Zoe Ramos, the Senior Editor, tells us more about their unique reviewing process that focuses on empathetic, "humanistic editing" and why it's so important to them. 

As fellow creatives, we are honored we could learn more about The Windward Review through this enlightening conversation with its creators, editors, and contributors. 

To read the digital copy of The Windward Review Vol 18., Civility and You 2020 click here

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