Revolve One

Samantha Chamberlain | El Local Collective

April 29, 2021 Crystal Garcia, Rudy Garcia & HRMG Partner Season 4
Revolve One
Samantha Chamberlain | El Local Collective
Show Notes

Have you ever thought about selling art, an original product, or service in the Coastal Bend area? Well, if you have...we definitely understand it's hard to know where to start! Thankfully, El Local Collective is a locally led organization that could help to showcase your original artwork or special skill set. 

In this episode, we talked with Samantha Chamberlain who is the creator and mastermind behind El Local Collective as she discusses its inception along with its incredible growth. Samantha, perhaps better known as Sam, shares El Local Collective's mission:

"Get as many people around us to believe in themselves to the fullest extent."

As content creators and art enthusiasts ourselves, we know just how important it is to know others are rooting for you. El Local Collective even goes beyond that to promote your creative works and what you do within our local community. Whether you're a struggling artist, rising entrepreneur, or simply have a story to share, reach out to El Local Collective because they believe in you and so do we.  

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