A SEAT at THE TABLE: Leadership, Innovation & Vision for a New Era

An Engaging Solution for Remote Team Training

November 23, 2020 Steve Peckman, Founder, Eclipse Learning Systems Season 2 Episode 1
A SEAT at THE TABLE: Leadership, Innovation & Vision for a New Era
An Engaging Solution for Remote Team Training
Show Notes

A solution that’s helping companies keep team members educated and engaged are learning management systems. 

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Episode Summary

One of the challenges in having most of your team members working remotely is training.

Before, it was easy to organize on-site training and ensure that everyone was updated and educated across the entire department, division or company.

Now, most companies are using some form of independent learning, with managers hoping that every one is up to speed on new procedures, protocols, systems and so forth.

But how do you know if everyone has watched the training video? Or the screencast outlining a new protocol?  This can be particularly critical for areas where a lack of knowledge can lead to costly mistakes.

Beyond that, there’s also the matter of keeping a team of people working remotely feeling  like they are still part of a team and engaged with the company culture.

One solution that’s helping to solve this are learning management systems.  These fairly easy to install programs take the typical video training library and turn it into an organized system that managers can use to monitor employee training.

Today I’m speaking with Steve Peckman, founder of Eclipse Learning Partners.

Steve has spent over two decades working with companies to create internal career development and training systems, as well as process and change management programs.

He’s been able to develop programs that are well aligned with the company’s business objectives, and offer a great user experience, as well.

Through Eclipse Learning Partners, Steve is taking learning management to the next level by helping companies create a team spirit amongst employees who are working from home, as well as keeping them up to speed on important skills and protocol.