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Learn about the genius in marketing from the queen of Pinterest!

November 17, 2020 Episode 13
Dream Big Nation Podcast
Learn about the genius in marketing from the queen of Pinterest!
Show Notes

In this episode, Lisa Williams interviews Heather Chee, CEO & Founder of Heather Chee Pinterest Management.

Heather Chee, CEO & Founder of Heather Chee Pinterest Management. She is a full-time Pinterest Manager & Strategist. After her daughter’s birth she started seeing the world though an entirely different lens. We all have those new beginnings that help us pivot to the next part of our live journey. Her pivot was having her daughter. She knew she wanted to become the best mom she could, so she decided to quit her New York City corporate fashion job and start her own company.

Her talents of being a creator, analytical thinker and business user of Pinterest materialized into the formation of her business. Her mission is to bring balance back to the lives of female entrepreneurs and mompreneurs by easing overwhelm with lead generation from Pinterest. She works to make sure all her clients spend more time with families and less time worrying about how they will increase their business reach, traffic, and income. As your Pinterest Manager & Strategist, she helps YOUR ideal clients FIND YOU by expanding your reach and
building brand awareness! Pinterest is a visual search engine that helps you build a relationship with your target audience! You do not need to spend money to get your pins seen! Many businesses are still not using Pinterest to market their businesses. This means you could have a real advantage over them if you have a consistent marketing strategy in place.

This is where she come in! She offer services of creation of Pinterest Pin graphics, Pinterest Business Account Audits/Setup, Tailwind Account Audits/Setup, Coaching & Strategy Calls and Strategic Monthly Pinterest Management and Maintenance. She get to know your
business and come up with a tailored marketing strategy to significantly increase traffic to your business. Her clients are an amazing group of strong and passionate Boss Moms who are amazed about what the power of Pinterest has done for their businesses! These women are bloggers, online entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Here’s what some recent clients have said…
“When I came to Heather, I was nervous about her tearing my page apart. As a professional
photographer, I feel like I am a pro at Instagram and Facebook while Pinterest
has fallen by the wayside. She has this way of building you up before educating
you on how you can do better. Within thirty minutes of us being on the call, my
page went from personal to professional. She left me with plenty of homework and
knowledge to be able to work towards a more successful page. I would highly
recommend Heather to anyone looking to grow their Pinterest into a successful
platform.” – Chloe

“I was absolutely blown away by Heather’s ability to take the little information I had given her about my brand and my mission and tie up with her Pinterest magic. She broke down strategy in a way that was easy for me to digest. She also helped me find the best keywords, hashtags, and board names to embody my brand and get me in front of the right audience. She has a
real knack for seeing your brand + vision and then working her magic to help you
get the traction your brand deserves.” - Alisha

Visit her website to learn more: www.heatherchee.com

If you’d like to learn more about working with Lisa and her team directly, go to lisawilliamsco.com and learn how to hire yourself!

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