Voices, a Podcast from the Seneca Valley School District

Episode 55 - Introducing SV SHOUT with Jose Tinoco and Ms. Lisa Graham

February 14, 2022 Seneca Valley School District Season 2 Episode 55
Voices, a Podcast from the Seneca Valley School District
Episode 55 - Introducing SV SHOUT with Jose Tinoco and Ms. Lisa Graham
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Introducing SV SHOUT 

Seneca Valley Sophomore and SHOUT Committee Member Jose Tinoco and Seneca Valley Intermediate High School Counselor and SHOUT adviser Ms. Lisa Graham


  •  What SHOUT is and the purpose of the committee 
  • How this committee got started
  • SHOUT's February focus
  • How someone can join SHOUT  

The Poster Project


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Introduction: Welcome to Voices, a National Award-winning podcast brought to you by the Seneca Valley School District. 


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Jeff Krakoff: This is Jeff Krakoff. We're here to talk about the SHOUT program, the SHOUT Committee, which stands for Social Handprints Overcoming Unjust Treatment. Today we have guests Lisa Graham, who's a counselor for 9th and 10th graders at the high school, and Jose Tinoco, who is part of the committee as well. Thanks for joining us this morning. 


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Lisa Graham: Sure, of course.  


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Jeff Krakoff: So, Mrs. Graham, that's how long has SHOUT been around? Just tell us, you know what it is and how it started? 


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Lisa Graham: Sure. So the SHOUT committee, this is its second year here at Seneca Valley. Prior to being SHOUT, we were just a student diversity committee. And so the first chapter of SHOUT actually originated at South Fayette School District and South Fayette thought that it would be awesome to have a network of SHOUT chapters at local schools working on the same mission. So their organizer reached out to our district and then our district administrators brought this to the Student Child Committee, and they talked about whether or not this was something that they felt like would be beneficial. 


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Lisa Graham: And overwhelmingly, I think we decided that it would be good to have a network of other students across the Pittsburgh area in different districts working to promote the goals of SHOUT. So that's where that's kind of where we came from. There are actually 14 chapters now in the Pittsburgh area. 


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Jeff Krakoff: OK, now is this specific to the Pittsburgh area or is this a national initiative? 


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Lisa Graham: I believe right now it's just in Pittsburgh and some high schools. I know that some of the students from SHOUT who graduated or are trying to take this to the college level as well. 


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Jeff Krakoff: So, so what's the purpose of the committee? What kinds of things do you do? 


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Lisa Graham: Yeah. So as you said, it stands for Social Handprints Overcoming Unjust Treatment. So the purpose of SHOUT is to ensure that we here at Seneca Valley and amongst our students continue to foster a culture that values diversity. So we do this really through three different committees. So we have students working in public relations, working on events and in education. So we work when we have conversations about what's going on with curriculum. 


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Lisa Graham: We talk about how with public relations and events we can communicate. That Seneca Valley is a place where we accept and appreciate all of our students. 


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Lisa Graham: Yeah. 


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Jose Tinoco: We idealistically want to like, understand the modern way that school is so that students can really learn about, like these unjust treatment that SHOUT really stands for and they can become aware of what's going on in the world outside around them. So it's something that we pride ourselves and having a large part of playing in the education-wise or like the public relations where our students go on social media, learn about it, or even in events where students can participate and on the outside time, maybe you have something they can enjoy doing that can educate them, and maybe they can go to their friends or family or whatnot just to spread the awareness just in general. 


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Jeff Krakoff: Right? 


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Jeff Krakoff: All good. So Jose, what grade are you in and how long have you been participating in SHOUT? 


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Jose Tinoco: I'm in 10th grade. I've been participating in SHOUT for a little bit over 11 months. 


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Jeff Krakoff: OK. And so I know you have different focuses and different things you're working on throughout the year. What's happening now? And I understand there's a poster project, what's that all about? 


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Jose Tinoco: So our poster project, the initiative, well, it's really the focus for February being Black History Month. We wanted something to really advertise, which is the word I choose because poster project was inspired by movie posters. It was originally supposed to be people or characters that are advertised and posters to show like upcoming movies or things like that. But in our idea, it was to advertise important people from different cultures who have impacted our society as basically formed today. 


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Jose Tinoco: People who have played vital parts in history, who have done even little things that have influenced how society is formed, structured today. The idea basically went along. We've had some ups and downs throughout the poster design throughout, creating the information for the students to have access to this. And all in all, I think the poster project is mainly just to show the students so they can have the opportunity and their own time and their own way to learn about people who have influenced the world around them. 


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Jose Tinoco: Even if they may not be familiar with the faces or the people that the posters are advertising, they can have the chance to do so. 


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Jeff Krakoff: OK, so they're not necessarily people that are, you know, quote unquote household names. Can you give us an example who are, you know, two or three of the people being featured on the posters? 


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Jose Tinoco: So two or three of the people being featured on the posters, we have Wilma Mankiller, who is a civil rights activist for the American indigenous tribes in the California area. Another person is we have Mildred Loving, who may not be as much as a household name, but was very recognized throughout her time period, where she was married to a Caucasian man and created the large movement for the the Loving versus Virginia versus North Carolina no versus Virginia case, where interracial marriage was a large, debated topic. 


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Jose Tinoco: We also have Rita Moreno, who is an actor who eventually became largely recognized for her part in West Side Story, which lately did have a recreation of where she was an actor and not as well, and she grew up on Broadway and et cetera. There's a lot of different people. They come from different backgrounds, different careers, different just in general, different places in the world. They can be actors, civil rights activists. 


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Jose Tinoco: It can be just basically anyone who has really influenced the way that we look at humanity as a whole today. 


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Lisa Graham: Yeah, and I will add to that. So with the poster project was set out to be something that we display throughout the school year in the hallways, in the library. The focus that we took on for February was to feature more of our African-Americans or people of color. 


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Jeff Krakoff: Okay, how many posters are you working on as a group? 


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Jose Tinoco: So as of now, we have on display six posters that SHOUT has created. We are working on. I don't want to say a large number, but there is a large quantity of posters that we want to display eventually. Time being so that it doesn't have to be overwhelming, but it can be seen through the entire school, even if it's not on just this campus. The secondary campus and then the grades above. 


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Jeff Krakoff: OK. That's awesome. So if somebody wants to get involved and SHOUT, where do they go? Who do they talk to? 


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Jose Tinoco: So there's many ways students can't get involved in, so they can go indirectly through social media, we have different social media pages where they can contact the owner of that social media page and easily join SHOUT through there. We also have a more direct route where they can go to the guidance counselors. They can even ask the front office if there are resources to join SHOUT. So primarily the guidance counselors would be the easiest way to join SHOUT as it is the guidance counselors who are the main leaders of this. 


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Lisa Graham: You could also, if you have an Instagram account, you could follow us on Instagram. So our handle is @SV_SHOUT.


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Jeff Krakoff: All right. Well, let me ask each of you one final question. How has your involvement in SHOUT changed your perspective? Or what are some things that you're going to take with you down the future? 


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Jose Tinoco: My involvement and show, as really taught me that there's so much to the world, so much and billions that has been taken on the way things are looked at. I really didn't know. It's taught me leadership is really important in a school setting, even not in the school setting in the outside world setting, that along with leadership and diversity and inclusion. Those are three very important things that I'm going to have to take on with my life ongoing and finding a career. Being a student as well as being a leader so valuable and any type of setting that easily creates team work or includes the students who have never really felt that sense of being part of something that SHOUT has really taught me. 


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Jose Tinoco: Those are very important. Very important morals, for someone to have. 


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Jeff Krakoff: Yeah, very well said who say, how about you, Mrs. Graham as a counselor or just as a person? 


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Lisa Graham: Yeah. So I think for me and this is work I plan to continue to do with our students. And so I feel like I'm continuing to sort of reflect on how things are going moving forward. But I will say that I am just constantly amazed at impressed by our students and sort of like, as Jose said, their leadership skills that they're learning and they're things that they're able to take on. But I will also say that their passion for this is truly inspiring. And I think that I learn as much from them and this group as I hopefully, you know, I'm working with them to accomplish as well. 


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Lisa Graham: So. 


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Jeff Krakoff: All right. Well, all interesting stuff. Thanks so much for joining us again. That was high school counselor Lisa Graham and sophomore Jose Tinoko. Thanks for joining us today and enjoy the rest of the day. 


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Jose Tinoco: Thank you for having us. 


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Lisa Graham: Yes, thank you. 


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Jeff Krakoff: Take care.