Red Carpet Curls Podcast

Episode 2 - Quarantine CGM Do's & Don'ts

September 08, 2020 Queen Adrienne Monroe Episode 2
Red Carpet Curls Podcast
Episode 2 - Quarantine CGM Do's & Don'ts
Show Notes

Welcome to the next episode of the newest Curly Girl Method Education podcast, The Red Carpet Curls Podcast!

This episode will focus on my top Quarantine Do's & Don'ts. I share my current minimalist routine as well as my best tips and product recommendations to ensure your hair thrives through this quarantine. 

Learn the science behind why these mistakes (Don'ts) never work and learn how to kick your CGM journey into high gear by best utilizing the good tips (Do's). I'll even give you a mini shopping list of ingredients to pick up at your supermarket if your favorite products are sold out!

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