Red Carpet Curls Podcast

Ep.4: Bourn Beautiful Naturals Interview w/ Founder Kadian Pow

September 22, 2020 Queen Adrienne Monroe Episode 4
Red Carpet Curls Podcast
Ep.4: Bourn Beautiful Naturals Interview w/ Founder Kadian Pow
Show Notes

Welcome back to the Red Carpet Curls podcast, the only podcast that focuses on Curly Girl Method Education through Trichology (the study of hair and scalp)

This episode is an extra special one, that's why it's an hour instead of the normal 35-minute runtime. Today we are sitting down with the founder of the U.K. based, all-natural haircare, Bourn Beautiful Naturals, Kadian Pow.

In this 60 minute interview, we will discuss Kadian's own haircare journey including what led to her creating her amazing brand, Bourn Beautiful Naturals. You will also hear about:

  • Some of Kadian's favorite ingredients and their benefits
  • Why not all vegan products are healthy for your hair
  • Top tips for those starting their healthy hair journey
  • How the Curly Girl Method impacted her own brand
  • Future expansion plans

And much more! This platform is a rare opportunity to support and connect with our fellow sisters and brothers in a way social media doesn't allow us to connect. Social media is about showing the highlights of your day and life, but not every day feels IG worthy. This podcast, this platform, gives us the unique opportunity to bridge that distant gap. 

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