Native Exiles

Entering the LGBTQ+ Conversation

May 03, 2022 Alderwood Community Church Season 2 Episode 15
Native Exiles
Entering the LGBTQ+ Conversation
Show Notes

As Alderwood Community Church is about to launch a new series called "Jesus, Sex, and Gender", Pastors Wyatt Martin and Steve Brooks sit down to talk about why it's important for the church to talk about this controversial topic. They address any fears and concerns that the congregation may have leading into this series, and they also explain the theological difference between sin and temptation.

Resourced mentioned in this episode:
LGBTQ+ Questionnaire
Preston Sprinkle, author of "People to Be Loved" and "Embodied" (coming to ACC on May 15th)
John 1:14
Genesis 3
James 1:14-15
Hebrews 4:15
The Gospel and Homosexuality (First Look Podcast Episode)

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