Native Exiles

Does Evil Disprove God's Goodness?

November 30, 2021 Alderwood Community Church Season 2 Episode 6
Native Exiles
Does Evil Disprove God's Goodness?
Show Notes

In this week’s episode, Pastors Wyatt and Steve talk about a heavy topic—the problem of evil. A common question that arises with this topic is, “How can God be both all-powerful and all good if evil things still happen?”. How can we continue to trust in God’s goodness in a world of evil? Wyatt and Steve walk us through the problem of evil, the mistakes the church has made when talking about evil, and then finally propose some solutions to how we can continue to wrestle with the problem of evil in a healthy way. 

While talking about some of the missteps you can take while you’re trying to explain the problem of evil in contrast to God’s goodness, Wyatt and Steve reference the following passages: 

Isaiah 45:7 KJV

Isaiah 45:7 NIV

Psalms 119:68 NIV

Jeremiah 19:5 NIV

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