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Episode 18 - Let me introduce you to Asphalt..... again.
September 29, 2015 Brothers on Bikes
So here we are the last days of September and the Motorcycle Men bring you great stuff and insight for this Episode.

In this episode, you will hear the whole tale of the crash that Motorcycle Man Chris "Joker" experienced. Yes, for those of you who have been under that invisible rock, Chris crashed his bike last Thursday and spent a few days in ICU. Broken Clavicle and Brain Trauma.  Despite those injuries he is up and around and was able to do the podcast with us.  You can hear all the gruesome details here.

We brought you up to speed on some of the great deals going on out there from manufacturers like:
Switch Vision Eyeglasses - Magnetic interchangable lens systemm that allows one pair of glasses to serve both as sunglasses and prescription eyewear
KLIM K Fifty 1 - Jeans made of Cordura denim to provide abrasion resistance are outfitted with D30 armor in the hips and knees
Crotch Cooler - From Captain Itch creates a multi-layered leather barrier between your engine and private parts to keep them cool.  Made for all cruiser types.
Dainese Air-1000 - Riding jacket with built in Air bag system.... seriously!!

We also reviewed some cool ass bikes and a weird one for good measure:
Ecosse Titanium FETi XX
Ducati Monster 1200S
Honda NM4

Then to make things interesting I gave a list of all the US made motorcycle magazines available out there.  Check it out here. Motorcycle Magazines

For our song of the week.  Well, we're still local for now.  This submission comes from:
The Hounds of Winter.  They are based in Florham Park, NJ and did their recording at Baby Fishmouth Studio with Tom Corea at the helm.  This weeks song, "The Girl I Love".  Crank it up and enjoy.  The song is available on Reverbnation.

Ride safe and Have fun kids
Motorcycle Men

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