Motorcycle Men

Episode 9 - Warmer weather and more idiots

June 13, 2015
Motorcycle Men
Episode 9 - Warmer weather and more idiots
Motorcycle Men
Episode 9 - Warmer weather and more idiots
Jun 13, 2015
Brothers on Bikes
Show Notes
Hello everyone and welcome to Episode #9 of Motorcycle Men here in Season #1 at the V-Twin Cafe.

And what a wonderful Episode it is!!  In this session, Tim breaks things, Chris insults the world and I try my best to cover our ass.  What does all that mean? Well.... you'll just have to listen to find out.

On the menu today here at the world famous V-Twin Cafe, from the corner booth here in sunny Cranford, NJ where it is always 72 and Sunny year 'round, we talk about the warmer weather and the miserable drivers on the road that we riders must face.  We also talked about the demise of our favorite TV show "Top Gear" and did some really freaking cool motorcycle comparisons that will leave you saying "Whaaaaaaaat?".  No really, it's that interesting.... well we think so.  

AND, we will also discuss some cool rides coming up, the Saddlesore 1000.... do you have what it takes to ride 1000 miles in one day??? Hmmmm.... I wonder.  We reviewed the HOG rally and what to expect from it in the fall and some of the articles in this months HOG magazine. There was also the review of some of the Audio-books that I have been enjoying since the last show.

So it is action packed!!  Listen and laugh at yourself and us and have a good time. Crack open a brew and make some popcorn, it's time for Episode #9.

Oh, listen, if you are having difficulty listening to this podcast, please let me know and I'll do my best to get to the bottom of it.  And lastly, please excuse the "buzzing" sound you hear, some of our equipment seems to be on its way out.

Peace and Chicken Grease,

Ted K.



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