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Episode 115 - Hollow Weenie in the Swamp
November 01, 2017 Ted, Tim & Chris
Hello bats and Ghouls..... It's Halloween and this is our Hollow Weenie episode coming to you from the Cemetery Swamp!! In this episode, we talk about: OCC back on Discovery Channel Yamaha Tilting bike Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycles for sale Kymco announces smart dashboard with Facebook notifications Motorcycle Simulator for your home Plus our 250cc Shootout!! Honda CRF250L Yamaha WR250R Suzuki RM-Z250 1978 Harley Davidson MX250 Waterfalls of New York ( Scary and Haunted Places ( Great interviews coming up with VBlogger DanDan The Fireman and Michael Strauss the Scooterist.
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