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Episode 117 - Interview with The Solo Scooterist Michael Strauss
November 07, 2017 Michael Strauss, The Solo Scooterist
Hello Boys and Girls and welcome to yet another wonderful Interview Episode. This show brings you the tales of a man who rode his Vespa from South Africa to France. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with him and hearing his story of an amazing adventure. The Solo Scooterist Michael Strauss joins me in the V-Twin Cafe and tells me all about it. So sit back and relax with a cold drink and a big piece of pie and enjoy the chat. You can learn more about and follow Michael on his trip and upcoming adventures at THE SOLO SCOOTERIST Next week the brothers will be back in the studio for another episode filled with brotherly silliness, nonsense and perhaps some motorcycle related misinformation. So, for Tim Buktu, Chris Joker and me, your host Ted Wrongway. Enjoy your ride and remember, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.
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